Friday, June 29, 2007

Two weeks

The length of time reckoned between application submission or deadline (as applicable) and a response. Any more, it is likely the application has been rejected. This, I learned from my early days on the job market with barely 3 O Levels and no confidence.

As the days ticked by, I was beginning to hope that the rejection letter came quickly and I could get the upset over and done with, with a week to go of my holiday, time to recover. The job is too far away, and do I really have the technical confidence to do it? The SOH hates the uncertainty and risk associated with a potential move, and believe me, I am no Cosmo woman, his opinion counts. Today is the 15th day after the deadline.....and a postal strike which I forgot about before I went downstairs to check.

Then........a phone call, from potential employer. Due to postal strike, they are phoning successful applicants and could I come and see them next Friday?

I'm in shock, I need a day or two to sort my head out.

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SuperWoman said...

Well done you.
Write yourself a pros and cons list.
If you go for the interview, you still don't have to commit.