Sunday, June 17, 2007

Webmasters are a funny species

When I first started trying to build my own web pages I read a lot of dos and don'ts. Such as you never ever ever have a page stating "under construction" or somesuch. Page 404 (provided its done in a stylish manner) is forgiveable providing that you fix it soon, "under construction", no way lazy saddo, put something there or take it offline; after all, there is nothing there until you go through the tedious mucking about with the ftp.

Taking this advice to heart, v21's Webmaster came up with a cunning version on a theme. Oh be calm my aching, shaking sides. Just how long has it been since you started trading again?

As an aside - yes I did send the application off, though re-reading the job description I think they want someone a lot more technical and IT experienced than me, rather than the jackofalltradesmasterofnone sort like me. Still, I am in no hurry, I'm calm now and just waiting on the change in my life I have faith is coming.

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