Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When the going gets tough...

....the tough go shopping*. Having forgotten how rubbish Rhyl is for anything other than casual shopping, after trying on Saturday, we hit Llandudno today. I had M&S vouchers saved for goodness only knows how long (one of them at least 10 years old and without a bar code, causing a bit of a delay at the till...oh well the staff are trained to be good-humoured). The vouchers were enough to buy me a suit for Friday, I just had to buy a blouse, so the lot cost me £8. Even the SOH was happy, he got a hat from a charity shop and I also got a more "serious" handbag from same charity shop. I managed to get shoes at least from Rhyl, so the only thing missing now is tights. And remembering to control my breathing. At least I'll look the part although my heartbeat is not going to stop doing 120 until I'm actually in the interview room. Strange how it is the getting there that gets my adrenalin going, rather than the being there.

The letter from potential employer came today, just in case I thought I may have been dreaming on Friday.

* Can't take credit for this one (can't take credit for many actually). This is a quote from a Mike Ripley novel, but no doubt he also got it from another woman, so I guess it really is a case of 'source unknown' :-)

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SuperWoman said...

Good luck tomorrow. Hope the interview goes well.