Tuesday, June 05, 2007


You know when you see that dream job, the one that makes your heart beat in your throat and your stomach do back flips?

I saw the position yesterday, and now I've an awful dilemma.

Y'see, it's nearly three times the distance away, I'd have to learn how to drive again probably (yikes) and I don't know if this was the opportunity that I sensed last Saturday (the job was posted a mere three days before I felt it). Also, it's a two year temporary contract.

I could do this job. It's what I could have been doing had I stayed in London. Those sorts of opportunities do not come around too often. I could write an application that will nearly blow their socks off (and, unlike some submissions made, it will be completely honest) and at least get to interview stage.

So...omigosh what do I do? I'm thinking too far ahead. Submit application and then wait....


SuperWoman said...

Submit application. Get to interview stage. Nothing to lose at this point.

Fiona said...

Good advice, unfortunately I have a habit of looking too far into the future (counting your chickens syndrome). Useful for problem solving, bad news in every day life. I should learn to control my breathing :-)