Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Nick N Dave show

Am I alone in my optimism for the new government?  I remember that some people thought, given the age gap, my marriage wouldn't last 6 months.  Here I am, twenty years later, still married to the same guy, and although there is hardly a parallel with politics, the principle is the same.  The apathy and cynicism amongst other bloggers just disgusts me.

I think some people are forgetting that if this all goes belly up, the few that were voting for the LibDems probably never will again.  They could have said no, sat back as the Tories tried to form a minority government, joined with Labour in a vote of no confidence a few months down the line and started again.  Probably getting similar, or maybe more, votes at the next General Election.

You could say what they have just done is potentially political suicide.

On the other side of the swing, you have Cameron, probably desperate since a babe to become PM, willing to take a job on that is a poisoned chalice.  Is this a guy who stopped at nothing just to get power, or does he really want to make a difference?  At the end of it, he could be hero  And everyone will go back to voting Labour, who spent the last 13 years spending money we didn't have.

So it seems a lot of people, including those idiots shouting 'Tory Scum' at the end of Downing Street want the wars abroad to continue, want their money going in one pocket and out of the other, want no growth in this country, and want a voting system where no party will get a majority and therefore major reform in anything will be impossible.

I vote for change.  Yeah, it's gonna hurt.  But it can't hurt more than the last few years of someone who was not capable of running the country.  Why don't you give them a chance before saying it is all going to fail?  Why not do something radical, such as support them, or if that sticks in the craw, sit back and let them get on with it?  They might surprise you.  Yeah, it might go belly up.  But I for one am impressed that they are willing to try.

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