Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

The overused phrase "heads will roll" has been overused to mighty capacity lately. If the Inland Revenue are ISO accredited, does this mean they will lose it? The dear old company has just recently passed their latest annual assessment, and I know, for darn sure, if anything like this had happened at our company, you would have seen enough heads to play a game of bowls.

Actually, its not really head rolling. I wonder if Henry VIII, in a fit of religious fervour, or pissed off because the latest offspring was a daughter, again, he stated ' Forsooth, heads will roll'? Or maybe that should be in Latin. Or French. I forget.

It's more like dominoes actually. Firstly, the head of the department gets whacked, who then whacks the manager, who then whacks the team leader, who then whacks the senior, who then whacks the junior.

Just as dramatic, in my opinion.

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