Monday, October 22, 2007

Site traffic...vroom vroom beep beep (or something)

OK, so my little website is not exactly the M25 of the Internet Superhighway, in fact, it's one of those minor routes that only sheep lorries use, and maybe they just about have the edge. All the same, I am surprised with the number who view the page on a weekly basis. No, it isn't just me, as internet access at work is now severely restricted and I really don't visit my blog that much after I've posted.

The thing is....the thing probably getting more traffic than this blog, oddly, that was totally not the point of the exercise.

Think I'll add a counter to that one too, to see if my suspicions are correct. Then decide what I'm doing right in the other...hang on...I'm part of the 82% revolution, and since I'm never read, this means I have to make efforts not to become part of the machine...omg my head hurts.

Thanks for reading, whoever, wherever and whenever you are.

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