Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sadly, I found that a lot of the blogs that I used to have linked I either don't visit anymore or they don't exist anymore. Some blogs I don't want to link to, as they are somewhat personal and I feel like I'm intruding just reading them.

So, what I want is some more blogs as the list is looking rather sad. Rules are quite simple.

1. Not too popular. It's hip to be square, yep you gotta be the 82% of the web that is hardly read.

2. Do NOT be up your own anus. I can smell bovine excrement at 20 paces. If your life really is that exciting, why aren't you out there living it rather than on the web.

3. Humour welcome, but not mandatory.

4. You might get linked to anyway, whether you want it or not.

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Ian Poulton said...

Hi Fi,

Did you ever check out www.headrambles.com?

Grandad is a sort of combination of Garcia Marquez and Grumpy Old Man. Most alarmingly of all, some of the stuff is true!