Sunday, December 31, 2006 did I do?

Not very well.

Still smoking.

Still have a limited grasp of the Welsh language.

SOH hasn't bought a radio in months, so guess I have kept that one. Like...if he had bought one I cannot say, with hand on heart, that I would not have fumed. Probably a little, so guess I haven't kept that one.

Due to in April 2006, it would not have been politic or wise to look for another job. I would have either had a lot of explaining to do, or flannelling (which I'm really rather good at) or bare-faced lying (which I'm not). Still, the whole sorry episode of my life will be over by the end of April (and there's a massive clue). So...who knows what May onwards will bring?

Oh no, I don't play Waitress or Theme Hospital any more. I've moved on. I now play Clonk and Diner Dash.

Actually...the short story I did start a novel though and even if it takes months I will finish it. Update on 31 December 2007. I also joined Helium for practice and knowledge sharing (it may turn into the next Wikipedia)

Oh my gosh, my driving license is STILL not updated. I gotta get Surrey completely outta my system and then maybe I can start getting at the nicotine.

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