Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good ISP...

OK, I'm very confused.

People power has won through and due to pressure, suddenly NS have temporarily connected us back again, but only guaranteed until Friday. Once we can no longer connect we can go where the heck we please.

Why no comment from V21/Biscit? Why have legal proceedings not commenced? Why has their customer service gone to pot, not answering even hypothetical questions from their users, but just laying the blame firmly at NS's door? And WHY have V21/Biscit not updated their website with the late olive branch from NS (albeit it sounds like a disgruntled and crushed olive branch)?

I don't want to move to EezeeDSL. But whilst V21/Biscit remain quiet on the issue and just state "It's not faaaairrr...its not ooourrrr fault..weee caaaan't doooo anneeethinnngg" like little kiddies, I'm seriously considering going somewhere else entirely. A shame. V21 were, by far, the best UK ISP I have used.

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