Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go know you want to...

I've said it before - I sometimes like to click 'Next Blog' to find out if there is anything interesting going on today in the world of Blogger.

I don't knock it - I have picked up a few blogs this way, including VeryBored's and Fainthearted. After a session of 'Next Blog' during a quiet lunch hour (extremely rare) I've picked up a few that may well end up in my rather sad looking blog list (I'm fussy, OK....OK...lazy...) But clicking next blog can be quite an amusing/frustrating/educating/annoying (delete as applicable) experience.

Now...I know this blog will never win awards. It is quite simple (trendy people would say 'boring'), I have not tried to promote it in any big fashion and I'm not presenting a concept that is original in any way. I do this mainly for my own benefit, though it is great that Ian, Oli and VVB occasionally give a bit of encouragement or amusement just to let me know I am not just talking to myself.

But oh boy, the people that try out there. There should be awards for them, the Soldiers of Blog. They are so trying to be original, but do they know they are clamouring for the mere 18% of the net that actually gets read. How about my own set of awards...all found by clicking Next Blog for a few minutes.

The Snazzy but incomprehensible Blog Award - crazyy-loner

The This Is The Beginning Of Something Big But You Know Its Not Going To Last More Than A Couple Of Posts Award - thetrueself - sounds somewhat intriguing and I'm almost routing for them to keep going actually

The Doom Laden But No-One Knows What They're On About And Probably Don't Care Award - panopticon

The OK It's Foreign But We All Know What She's On About - The Teenage Story Award - macavity123 - Note that the titles are in English...

This is just a few. Go on...try it. It must be better than writing about what you're having for lunch.

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Fiona said...

Boo hoo. Seems that thetrueself has already deleted before even starting....RIP oh fickle blog.