Thursday, September 22, 2005

******** spammers

Sorry, as of today, only members of blogspot can post comments and I have the word verification thingy turned on as well.

Sorry that the minority had to spoil it, I prefer a free society myself. If you're a spammer reading this - get a life FGS.


Mr VeryVeryBored said...

They are the scourge of the earth. Are there really that many people who are likely to impulse buy phentermine. I don't even know what it is for goodness sake. Maybe I am too old...

Fiona said...

Do you know what really really annoys me? That rather than just say words to the effect of 'I've got some great phentermine, click here' they start with some false garbage about how great the post/blog is, some sentiment about blogs to lure you into thinking they're a new 'friend' - THEN they hit you with the spam.
They're like a thug who smiles sweetly before hitting you.

Ian Poulton said...

Hi Fiona,

Found you at last!

I think the few people who have ever been caught for spamming have been rather pathetic people - perhaps they're just that part of the great cosmos that is sent to try us - like wasps, gossip columnists, reality TV and overweight, middle aged men with thinning hair driving large German cars.

Sitting Jonah-like under a tree . .