Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Solliq..solliloo..solliloques..oh bugger it..thoughtful moment..

I joined a Webring today - bloggingbrits no less. The most difficult part of filling out the online form was asking me to describe my blog.

What is my blog, apart from the ravings of a mad woman who has made the crazy step of moving from the highlife of London to well north of the Watford gap?

Humour...yes, occasionally, but mostly just ravings, of which I occasionally get feedback (mostly positive) for which I am extremely grateful. It at least makes me suppose that I am not talking to myself, but I'm really good at that, even if I do argue back. In a friendy manner of course.

Actually, my rules are simple:

1. Be myself: There are too many blogs out there where the writers are quite obviously showing off, or making out their life is a soap opera. Lemme tell ya buddy, if you have time to spend an hour in front of a computer talking about your life, *every day* you obviously aren't busy enough.
2. No gimmicks: Hang, on that's a beer advert isn't it? There is absolutely blooming nuffin that would attract my blog to you more than anyone else's.
3. Only blog when I really have something to say: I have a post that is dedicated to just that. I've covered that theory fairly conclusively. I could write utter dingo's kidneys here and you're sitting there thinking "she had time out to write that drivel?"...erm...yeah..but I don't go on about what I had for lunch (in sordid detail) and whose mate is going out with someone else's boy/girlfriend, who you don't know from Adam (or Eve) and unless you turn your blog *into* a soap opera is not exactly going to interest anybody.
4. Keep the post titles interesting: At least then I can be complimented on the title, if not the content. Or slagged off. I don't care.
5. Stay away from foreign politics: Hence "I'll start with my own home thank you". You see, I could have a go at George Bush, but frankly his internal politics have nothing to do with the UK, the UK press generally have a biased opinion about him anyway, and even if they are totally correct as to the content of his character, I ain't a citizen of the US and I think they are best placed to whinge about him.
6. Actually, stay away from most politics: They're all liars and cheats. OK, *mostly* liars and cheats
7. Try and write something humourous every other post at least: I get as depressed as everyone else, no need to make it worse
8. Be myself: Hang on, I've done that one. Still it is an important one, so its better off in here twice, to remind myself, if not you
9. Don't Bible bash: Yeah, I am a Christian, but not a very good one. All the more reason not to.
10. Make the cup of tea STRONG: If it don't remove your stomach lining it ain't worth having.

So, welcome if you're here for the first time.

And as you click away, fare-thee-well and maybe see you another time. Or not. As you please.

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