Saturday, January 29, 2005

To blog or not to blog

Those that read this (well at least one does) will know that I don't blog very often. Now this could be laziness, but lets get real here. Real surfing addicts (and that's the net, not the ocean wave) will always find time to type something about themselves, its their favourite subject after all.

It got me thinking about why we don't get in touch with our family after we've been away from them for a few months. Now, what's your excuse when your mum phones you up and berates you for not keeping in touch? "Really sorry, Mum, been so busy at work" or maybe "been doing some work round the house, can't wait until you see it" or if she asks why you haven't visited even though you work just round the corner, the even more honest "frankly, mum your cat sets off my allergies"?

OK, lets get deep down here into the far reaches of the soul and draw on the wisdom of my favourite philosphers. They are, in this order, Nigel Molesworth and Fitzroy Maclean Angel. If you've heard of neither, then frankly, chum, you've missed out....what? You want me to tell you who the heck they are?? Look, matey, you've got Google lined up already. Open a new window, go and search for them and get some education. I'll wait here for you, promise.

Oh good, you're back. So now you know.

Nigel hated writing home to mum. He used to say that the truth was so despicable that mamma and papa would choke on their cornflakes if he gave the full, sordid details. So he soft soaped.

Fitzroy has nothing in common with his family, so he just never keeps in touch because he really has nothing to say to them.

So why do we get in touch with anyone? When we have something to say. Now you may be straight on the phone to mum if you win the lottery (OK maybe not) but if its just to say, well, the partner/wife/husband/mistress/lover is fine, our dog's fine, the house is fine, our car is fine, the job is fine, still poverty stricken, still fighting the next door neighbour over boundary rights yahdeyahdeyah you can see how it gets a bit monotinous and you only get in touch if something really special going on.

Hence it is with my blog. By heck, you're thinking, you must have an empty life.

Yeah, I do, but its busy too and when I move to Wales maybe I'll have more time and wax more lyrical.

More on blogs next time, some time. I really must steam clean the carpet.

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