Friday, April 20, 2007

a word from archie

helo. my name is archie. i am a flea who lepes from kee 2 kee to tipe owt mi mesage. fi has had a hard weke so dained to pas the keebord 2 me. as this is hard wurk as it is, i realy canot be botherred 2 hit caps lok evry tim i nede to start a sentuns, so u ma find redeing this a bit odd. fi dusn't like me posting 2 often as she sez i hav a speling problem. i hurd sumthin toda tho, and took grate delite in teling her that even the xperts get it rong sumtimes. royal male haz manidged to spel the ile of wite rong, it shud b wight hamshire sa. wel i can't tel any diffrunce myself, but wot wud i no im only a flea. i also poynted out that she maried sum1 who used to spel hounslow with a d in the midle and feltham contaned an o. that shut her up toot sweet and sed to post hear befor i showed her up even mor. so well done royal male. you prooved that not only fleas hav got speling problems, gave me a chans to hav my sa and also shut fi up 4 a bit.


Meadhbh said...

why am i reading this in a really strong Scots accent???

Fiona said...

archie is a flea of many talents :-)