Monday, September 25, 2006

This could be heaven or this could be Rhyl

No particular reason for the title of this post, other than I thought of it on the way home and found it vaguely amusing.

Talking to a contact at the client today, she spoke of her former employer, another rather well known utilities company, saying "You must have seen all the stuff in the news about all that." "No," I replied "world news simply does not interest me any more. In fact, there is just one headline I've been following lately and that's Richard Hammond."

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She laughed and I said "It's sad really, the world is blowing itself to bits, our Prime Minister is crap and I have no interest in it whatsoever." She said everywhere was bombing everywhere else and there was absolutely nothing we can do about it.

But is it wrong I have a degree of ennui about world affairs? Its a bit like environmental issues. Have you noticed recently that there are no less than 4 camps? There's the "Trying Hard To Do Something About It" camp, the "Couldn't Care Less And Where Did I Park the 4X4" camp, the "Global Warming Doesn't Exist" camp and, more worryingly, the "The World Is Coming To An End and This Just Speeds Up The Process" camp.

Okay, so I whinge as much as the next person when I think the government has made a rubbish decision. However, I only do so if I can see a better idea. And only if I feel it's going to affect me, or my Belief, personally. So I may get a little uncomfortable when 'Religous Hate Speech' Bills go through parliament (thankfully, nothing has really been really passed into law. Suprised with my attitude? Ha, that's for another time). Wind Farms? Show me a better solution I may take an interest. They're quite pretty actually and liven up Rhyl and Prestatyn. It's when stuff gets close to home that I care. I've been a fan of Top Gear along with the SOH for years now, and when someone with obvious guts and a sense of fun, and makes me laugh, has a brush with death I feel I have to pray.

Sad, really, when there are lives being lost every day and you pray for one person that, in the scheme of world politics, doesn't really matter. Perhaps I should pray about that too.

Perhaps living one day to the next is what is important, and to try and make a difference in stuff around me, people around me. Doing the best I can, and being 100% of what I am. Being Real. It's all I ever wanted to be. At least I made one person laugh today, and kicked a bit of bottom at work. If only I could be as that effective in the world.


Ian Poulton said...

Hi Fiona,

Lack of productivity on this blog - bit of bottom kicking needed ;-)

Making a difference? Desmond Tutu said the person who thought they were too small to make a difference had never had a mosquito in their bed.

wanderingscribe said...

How lovely....
I was tracking visitors to my blog and noticed someone popping over from this very one.
Most kind of you to add a link.

Keep the faith ....
Huggy hugs........

Anya Peters