Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Waving the double standards

I'm female. Well, that's what my mum told me anyway, and all the bits seem to be in the right place. I'm telling you, cos there may be a few things I say that will upset many who read this and think I'm a man in a dress.

I was brought up in a fairly chauvinistic household - not the primitive version that we all seem to think of - woman doing all the work and man sitting on his bum on the sofa watching TV and drinking beer - but the old fashioned version - woman is duitiful, pretty, able and willing and the man goes out hunting for food and beats chest in frenzied excitement when he comes home with the booty.

Those days are gone. Thank God, says New Woman. We're heading for two thirds divorce rate says me.

There were three things I heard last night that proves 'Girl Power' is just out of control.

1. Comedy skit on radio. Man is devastated that woman is bound to leave her because she has bought an all-in-1 remote control and so therefore can operate all the electrical equipment at once, leaving man as a useless appendage in the relationship, his previous job being working the video recorder, DVD and Hi-Fi

2. Advertisment on TV. Woman does all the decorating prep in 30 seconds flat (seems like) and smugly sits next to man on sofa who has just sat down with a cup of tea waiting for woman to finish prep.

3. TV House hunting programme. Woman berates man for telling the cameras that she burst into tears because she was so happy that she got the house of her dreams.

OK, these are perhaps weak examples, but the fact that they were all heard in one evening just epitomises the state of the sexes. The trouble with relationships nowadays is that *both* sexes want to wear the trousers and refuse to allow a 'leader' in the relationship. Well, they will, but providing that New woman leads the relationship, because New Man doesn't have a clue.

New Woman refuses to believe the above, but New Woman has been divorced 4 times, what does she know? I have been extremely happily married for 15 years. We guide and help each other - but guess what? - my husband has the last word on major decisions. I tell you what, it leads to a stress-free relationship for me, cos he can do the main worrying about the decsion.

There's a running joke in our relationship. Take a jar which I'm struggling to open whilst cooking dinner. New Woman would try anything - such as the old blade handle round the top trick to release the seal, running under hot water, elastic band round the lid or even the desperate 'taking a sharp implement and giving it the psycho' treatment. Mind you, New Woman rarely cooks does she, or perhaps she may microwave. Me? I walk into the living room, hold out the offending jar to my SOH and say "Bloke.". "Bloke" then opens jar with ease and hands it back with a smug look on his face. I tell you what, it saves so much sweat, nails and aggravation I recommend it to anyone, because:

1. It makes the SOH feel loved and wanted and this type of thing re-awakes the Tarzan attitude in all of them and
2. It gets my ruddy jar open and I can get on with my life

Both in the relationship are happy. You can apply the "Bloke" principle in many areas of married life, and I wonder why my marriage has lasted longer than New Woman's?

Down with Girl Power. Lets get with love and respect.


cynthia309doris said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

d said...

you know my wife feels this way too but having been raisd in an ardent feminist single mother household with all sisters I have a hard time leading in making decisions! (I have to battel myself iwth hating "stupid" guy stuff!) Matter of a fact I don't like it when my wife wants me to make the ultimate decision on something. I also hate the ads that always show the Dad as fat, and stupid and newWoman knows everything! It's outright reverse sexism. The fact is there are a lot of caring, good Dads/husbands out there who do have a (good) clue and are just as, or more commited than their spouses at times.
We need achother and not to put down the other gender. We have "different" woderful/somplimentary strenghts.

Oli said...

I do like your blog - and this article is great!
There was an article on BBC news a little while back regarding stereotypes in advertising - their answer was, yes, its wrong, but stereotypes are the only way of getting a message across in 30 seconds!
As for the new woman thing - I totally agree, shame my girlfriend is new woman - the only thing I get to fix is anything dirty and mechanical and anything she can't reach! :)
Oh well, at least its reduces the ammount of work I have to do around the house! :)