Thursday, May 05, 2005

Escape to the country

Yes I'm finally doing it. I'm moving to Wales.

Now this might make the Ann Robinsons and Jeremy Clarksons out there close to a coronary, but yes, this southerner has decided that the best thing to be is a northerner, cos I'm moving to just a few miles west of Liverpool.

The dream has been about 2 years in the making, but I've got money down on a plain but comfy flat with sea views. At about half the rent I'm paying in London.

Now some might say that cheaper council tax and rent does not make up for the fact that you're sharing your living space with sheep, rain, leeks, rain, daffodils, rain and more rain.

Actually, it doesn't always rain in Wales. Its like the misconception the yanks have that it always rains in the UK. It just rains a little more often in Wales than it does in southern England. And...get this...when it rains in London, the smell afterwards of wet refuse, concrete and re-hydrated dog's, cat's and human pee does not compare to the smell you get in Wales after it rains. It smells GREEN. You can smell things GROWING. (the sheep, leeks and daffodils probably)

Also the roads down here are so STRAIGHT. After all, the Englanders were taken over by the Romans and they liked things nice and straight and didn't even need a bubble level. Something to do with their chariots not coping. Shoulda invented traction control a couple of thousand years ago. Or maybe not, cos then they woulda invaded Wales and it wouldn't have been the beautiful unspoilt haven it is now, with winding roads better than any roller-coaster. Well that's the way I see it anyhow.

They have mountains that can frighten you and leave you completely awestruck as to their beauty.

Anyway I should round off by saying...don't follow me here...well, not too many of you cos else it'll be crowded and the house prices will be more expensive.

Oh...and I'm going to learn Welsh too. Maybe I'll even start a blog in Welsh.

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